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BioStatistics Virtual Training for

Virtual Pharmaceutical Statistics training is specially designed course for non-statisticians working in clinical research at Pharmaceuticals. This training is designed based on clinical examples, layman language, simple understanding.

Brief Information of training module:

  1. Journey of Statistics: Theory to Applications

  2. How to choose the most appropriate statistical method to answer your research question 

  3. Hypothesis 

  4. Confidence Interval  

  5. Statistical Significance

  6. Understanding and importance of sample size with case study  

  7. Introduction of various study designs based on objectives of trials

  8. Bioequivalence Statistical Analysis 

  9. Learn statistical analysis with clinical illustrations

  10. Information of various analysis tools & their importance from regulatory prospects 

However, you may still be wondering
"Why do I need to attend this training being a Non-Statistician" or
"What future benefit can I get from a statistics class?" 

..instead of 'teaching statistics' we deliver 'concepts behind statistics'..

  • Eligibility: All those who have completed their graduation or post-graduation in pharmacy/clinical research/life science/pharmacology/MBA in healthcare. All those working in any research sector like- production, processing, quality, trial, R&D, etc. in the healthcare industry Drugs manufacturing, Medical Devices, Ayurveda, Pharmaceutical Industry Regulation, Clinical Research, Homeopathic or Ayurveda Medicine Manufacturing.

  • Refer to the Inquiry page for more details.

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